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All you need to fuel your startup's growth

Startup.Flanders puts you on the fast track to explore new markets, technologies and partnerships that will spark your success at home and abroad.


Why Flanders?

There's no better place than Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, to expand your reach and scale your business and technology. Flanders’ startup scene is vibrant, adventurous, welcoming and ever-growing.

What makes Flanders unique

Strategic location: right in the middle of innovation hubs such as Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris, you'll connect with high-potential partners and prospects in no time. 

Innovative edge: as one of Europe’s top 5 innovation leaders, our tightly packed and interconnected R&D scene offers plenty of collaboration opportunities.

Supportive government: a myriad of government grants, tax incentives and support services help startups make it in Flanders, Europe and beyond. 

Affordable yet high quality of life: office space, healthcare, housing and even salaries come with a lower price tag in Flanders compared to neighboring countries.

"Flanders is the perfect place to venture into new markets from the very epicenter of Europe's purchasing power, or to level up your game when it comes to technology, innovation and valuable collaborations. That's where Startup.Flanders comes in."
Jan Jambon
Minister-President of Flanders

How we help startups

Startup.Flanders is here to help you set up, scale and succeed with your startup in Flanders. 

We connect you to a broad network to set you up with the right people to speed up your ambitions. We provide far-reaching advice to establish your business and make it work.  We offer easily accessible services and partners that will spur your growth, technological skill and success internationally.

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Access a range of funding options from governmental organizations, support agencies, European funding programs and alternative funding strategies. 

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Get unprecedented support and hands-on advice to start, scale and expand from Flanders through practical business-oriented programs.

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Powered by Flanders Investment & Trade

Startup.Flanders is a brand of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), Flanders' key point of contact for international business.

As an official government agency with a vast global network of local market, tech and sector experts, FIT supports the boundless ambitions of Flanders-based and international startups — free of charge. We're here to make you grow. And while we're at it, we're putting Flanders' innovative startup scene on the map.