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With new startups and spinoffs joining every day and VC investment coming in from all corners of the world, Flanders’ startup scene is growing rapidly.

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startup employees

EUR 744 million

raised (YTD)

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Ecosystem at your service: incubators, accelerators & other partners for growth

While incubators help startups flesh out disruptive ideas, accelerators propel growth and mentor entrepreneurs to scale efficiently. Flanders has a great deal of both, offering world-class support services for ambitious startups.

Three of Flanders’ incubators (VIB Bio-Incubator, JLABS@BE and BioVille) are among Europe’s top 25 biotech incubators. Moreover, imec – Flanders’ strategic research center for nanotech and digital innovation – is renowned worldwide and steps up as an incubator, accelerator and even investor.

Thriving startup hubs to prep your next step

Flanders’ cities are known for their beauty, cultural heritage and high quality of living at an affordable cost. But that’s not all. Behind the picturesque cityscapes, there are ambitious startup & tech hubs ready to help you succeed.

Antwerp train station


Where innovation in the fields of circular economy and digital society meets business.

Ghent by night


Where a remarkable revolution unfolds in clean-, health-, bio- and digital tech.

Leuven city


Where the health, high-tech and creativity industries collaborate and innovate.

Hasselt by night


A flourishing startup hub, particularly in cleantech, health tech and smart logistics.

Image of Kortrijk


An epicenter of tech startups in design, gaming, advanced manufacturing, etc.

A hotspot for innovative & international business

The fact that startups thrive in Flanders is no fluke. The region has a variety of assets that both local and international startups can use to their advantage.

Strategic location

With 60% of Europe’s purchasing power accessible in under 24 hours, startups in Flanders can reach Europe’s largest end-markets in no time. Bonus: innovation hubs like Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris are all just a hop away.

Innovative edge

As one of the EU’s top 5 innovation leaders according to the European Innovation Scoreboard, Flanders’ tightly packed and interconnected R&D scene offers plenty of opportunities for co-creation and co-innovation.

Government support

There’s a myriad of available government grants and subsidies, tax incentives and support services to help startups make it in Flanders, Europe and beyond.

Close-knit network

From incubators and accelerators to universities, knowledge institutions, research centers, corporates, government agencies and more: Flanders has a strong network to back your business and innovative success.

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